Change Pep Talks


For three years my entire identity has been healing, growing & mental health. I wrote about it & created products around it & tirelessly posted information about it on social media.

I made healing into something to hide behind but I now I want more.

I want to be more than mental healing. I want to be a full person with interests and ideals beyond fixing my broken parts.

I’m in a period of transformation and I can’t wait to see where it lands me.

I want to be able to update you all with the new things I’m trying and the new places I’ve been and the new habits I’ve been able to form.

I’ve been a caterpillar for so long but now it’s my butterfly season.

I don’t want this writing space to be solely centered around healing anymore.

It’s time for expansion.

There are so many things in this world worth seeing and experiencing and all of these things can be accomplished while still working on all the other things: healing, mental health, growing… doing all the things while doing all the things.